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One of the benefits of your GICS membership is the ability to borrow from our DVD collection for personal use. This includes many German and German-related films. Most are in German with English subtitles, a few are in German with, or without, German subtitles, and even fewer are in English only.

Most of the collection is in NTSC format, which is the United States standard. Some are from Germany and are in PAL format, which is the standard for Europe. To watch the later, you will need a region-free DVD player, or you can watch them on your computer only.

All are available for loan to you as members. Click the alphabet above to see the list (pay attention to the format, which is listed).

This is an evolving collection, which we will continue to update. If you want to borrow DVDs, we can get them ready for you for porch-front pick up at the Institute, or we can mail them to you, shipping costs apply.

If you see a film you like, send an e-mail to JB with the title. She will prepare the film for pickup/shipment.

You may borrow items for up to three weeks.