Beginning German Resources

  • das deutsche Alphabet (download)
  • Pronunciation: German Pronunciation is sometimes tricky for beginners learning German as a second language.
  • BBC German language videos/exercises: This pages hasn't been updated for awhile, so be sure to check for replacement pages.
  • Deutsch für Euch: “This channel was made for people wishing for an alternative to school books and dictionaries to learn German. It's directed at native English speakers, but of course anyone is free and encouraged to give it a go :) [Katja is] not a teacher,… just interested in languages and [she] appreciate[s] anything to make studying them less dry— because it really doesn't have to be.”
  • Doch Explained: “Doch is one of those words people struggle with the most when they attempt to learn German. This video will explain the meaning and usage of doch, give example sentences and will get you one step closer to becoming a master of the German language!” You can also subscribe to the channel: Get Germanized!
  • Hör- und Sprechaktivitäten: Here's a web site with good audio exercises
  • Practice your comprehension with YouTube videos! Below are a tiny, tiny sample of what's out there for you to watch and listen! Most are under 10 minutes long.
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Alphabet House
image from: Deutsch Na klar! (5th edition), Di Donato, Clyde, Vansant. McGraw-Hill: ISBN: 978-0-07-353532-6)
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Practice your German comprehension

    Extr@ german with german subtitles on YouTube (click the gear icon in the bottom right corner to show the subtitles…in German!)
    This site, Deutsch_1, on YouTube, has several short videos in German.
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Practice your Pronunciation

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