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Title Alternate Director Year Country Language Subtitles Format Technical
Mädchen in Uniform Girls in Uniform Leontine Sagan 1931 Germany German German subtitles for Hard of hearing PAL 98min | Director Leotine Sagan | 1931 | Germany | German subtitles for Hard of Hearing

Mädchen in Uniform DVD coverA 1931 German feature-length film based on the play Gestern und heute (Then and Now, lit. Yesterday and Today) by Christa Winsloe and directed by Leontine Sagan with artistic direction from Carl Froelich, who also funded the film. Winsloe also wrote the screenplay and was on the set during filming. The film remains an international cult classic. Winsloe's stage play had previously appeared under the title Ritter Nérestan (Knight Nérestan) in Leipzig with Hertha Thiele and Claire Harden in the lead roles. After Leipzig the play was produced on the stage in Berlin as Gestern und heute with a different cast and a more prominent lesbian theme, which was again toned down somewhat for the film. The film was groundbreaking in having an all-female cast; in its sympathetic portrayal of lesbian "pedagogical eros" (see Gustav Wyneken) and homoeroticism, revolving around the passionate love of a fourteen-year-old (Manuela) for her teacher (von Bernburg). (2 NTSC copies with English subtitles)

Mädchen in Uniform Girls in Uniform Geza von Radvanyi 1958 Germany German English subtitles PAL 1h 3min | Director Geza von Radvanyi | 1958 | France | Germany | German, English subtitles
Mädchen in Uniform DVD coverRemake of the 1931 film with Romy Schneider und Lily Palmer In a strict Prussian boarding school for girls, sensitive student Manuela von Meinhardis develops a forbidden love to one of her teachers, the compassionate Elisabeth von Bernburg.
Le Malentendu Colonial The Colonial Misunderstanding Jean-Marie Teno 2004 France German, French, English English subtitles   1h 18min | Director Jean-Marie Teno | 2005 | France | German with English subtitles
Le Malentendu Colonial DVD coverIn The Colonial Misunderstanding Jean-Marie Teno sheds light on the complex and problematic relationship between colonization and European missionaries on the African continent. The film looks at Christian evangelism as the forerunner of European colonialism in Africa, indeed, as the ideological model for the relationship between North and South even today. In particular it looks at the role of missionaries in Namibia on the centenary of the 1904 German genocide of the Herrero people there. It reveals how colonialism destroyed African beliefs and social systems and replaced them with European ones as if they were the only acceptable routes to modernity. As Prof. F. Kangué Ewané says in the film: "I can forgive Westerners for taking away my land ...but not for taking away my mind and soul." Through an examination of the work of German missionary societies in Africa whose vocation was to bring Christianity - and by extension, European culture and European rule - to the heathens, Jean Marie Teno reveals The Colonial Misunderstanding.
May Ayim: Hoffnung im Herz Hope in My Heart: The May Ayim Story Maria Binder 1997 Germany English, German English subtitles PAL 28min | Director Maria Binder | 1997 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Film still from May Ayim: Hoffnung im HerzA moving documentary about the life and untimely death of Ghanaian-German poet, academic and political personality May Ayim. Ayim was one of the founders of the Black German Movement, and her research on the history of Afro-Germans, but also her political poetry, made her known in Germany and other countries. Ayim wrote in the tradition of oral poetry and felt a strong connection to other black poets of the diaspora. Poetry gave her an opportunity to confront the white German society with its own prejudices. Interviews and poems reveal the search for identity, how and why the term Afro-German was introduced. An insightful look at how a young black woman experiences the German reunification.
May Ayim: Hope in my heart Hoffnung im Herz Maria Binder 1997 Germany English, German English subtitles NTSC 28min | Director Maria Binder | 1997 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Film still from May Ayim: Hope in my heart A moving documentary about the life and untimely death of Ghanaian-German poet, academic and political personality May Ayim. Ayim was one of the founders of the Black German Movement, and her research on the history of Afro-Germans, but also her political poetry, made her known in Germany and other countries. Ayim wrote in the tradition of oral poetry and felt a strong connection to other black poets of the diaspora. Poetry gave her an opportunity to confront the white German society with its own prejudices. Interviews and poems reveal the search for identity, how and why the term Afro-German was introduced. An insightful look at how a young black woman experiences the German reunification.
Die Manns: Ein Jahrhundertroman The Manns: Novel of a Century Heinrich Breloer 2001 Germany German   PAL 630min | Director Heinrich Breloer | 2001 | Germany | German no subtitles
Die Manns: Ein Jahrhundertroman DVD coverChronicle about Germany's most extraordinary literary family. 3 parts with documentation and 20-page booklet with background information Stars: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Monica Bleibtreu, Jürgen Hentsch This epic documentary/drama about arguably the greatest German author of the 20th century is really fascinating. Watching Elisabeth Mann-Borgese return to the places of her childhood is quite a moving experience and you feel the wisdom and the experience this old lady can share with the world. And it is a great gift for all of us that she did so shortly before her death. What a great family story this is! Everybody does a tremendous job in acting their roles (well, apart from Veronica Ferres' Nelly Kröger, whom I don't hold as such a good actress; especially her faked Northern German accent didn't convince me), and I fear I'll have difficulties not seeing the face of Armin Mueller-Stahl before me whenever I'll think of Thomas Mann in the future. This mixture of historical movie and documentary is just about perfect and may establish a new genre.
Mein Herz - niemandem! My Heart Is Mine Alone Helma Sanders-Brahms 1997 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 30min | 1997 | Director Helma Sanders-Brahms | 1997 | Germany | German with English subtitles

Mein Herz - niemandem! DVD coverThe life of Jewish Expressionist poet and performance artist, Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945), told chronologically in vignettes given context by archival footage of turn-of-the-century Germany, World War I, and the ascent of the Third Reich. Her poetry often comprises the soundtrack. We see her in relation to men: her first husband, whom she leaves after her son is born; artists like Chagall and Franz Marc; an older muse and then a second husband; and, Gottfried Benn (1886 - 1956), physician and poet. Benn's life is also chronicled: homosexual encounters, his attraction to Else and the Berlin scene, and his politics. Her poems addressed to him define this cultural moment.

Mir zeynen do   Ingrid Strobl 1992 Germany German German subtitles PAL 87min | Director Ingrid Strobl | 1992 | German | German with German subtitles

Mir zeynen do DVD coverDer Ghettoaufstand und die Partisaninnen von Bialystok

Im Sommer 1943 erheben sich jüdische Widerstandskämpferinnen und Widerstandskämpfer in Bialystok gegen die endgültige Liquidierung des Ghettos durch die deutschen Besatzer. Nur wenige überleben den Aufstand, unter ihnen sechs junge Frauen. Ihnen gelingt es, Verbindung zu einer sowjetischen Partisanengruppe aufzunehmen und deren Kampf gegen die deutsche Vernichtungspolitik zu unterstützen.   Der Film schildert die beschriebenen Ereignisse und lässt dabei drei der jüdischen Partisaninnen aus Bialystok ausführlich zu Wort kommen.

Die Mörder sind unter uns Murderers Among Us Wolfgang Staudte 1946 USA German English subtitles   1h 25min | Director Wolfang Staudte | 1948 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Die Mörder sind unter uns DVD coverAfter returning from a concentration camp, Susanne finds an ex-soldier living in her apartment. Together the two try to move past their experiences during WWII. A biographical portrayal of Simon Wiesenthal, famous Nazi Hunter. From his imprisonment in a Nazi Concentration Camp, the film follows his liberation and his rise to become one of the leading Nazi hunters in the world, bringing such criminals to justice as Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie.
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Nackt unter Wölfen Naked Among Wolves Frank Beyer 1963 USA German English subtitles   1h 59min | Director Frank Beyer | 1963 | Germany | German with English subtitles

Nackt unter Wölfen DVD coverNackt unter Wölfen ist ein antifaschistischer DDR-Spielfilm von Frank Beyer aus dem Jahr 1963. Die Inszenierung des „VEB DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme Babelsberg“, künstlerische Arbeitsgruppe (KAG) „Roter Kreis“, basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Bruno Apitz, der 1958 beim Mitteldeutschen Verlag erschienen ist. Die literarische Vorlage erfuhr bereits 1960 durch Georg Leopold eine Filmadaption für das DDR-Fernsehen. Die Schauspieler Fred Delmare, Peter Sturm, Wolfram Handel und Angela Brunner waren in beiden Verfilmungen in den gleichen Rollen (teilweise sogar mit den gleichen Dialogen) zu sehen. Die Uraufführung fand am 10. April 1963 im Berliner Colosseum statt. Zwei Tage später lief die Literaturverfilmung in den Kinos der DDR an. 2015 wurde eine Neuverfilmung der literarischen Vorlage unter der Regie von Philipp Kadelbach im deutschen Fernsehen gezeigt.

As rumors reach them that the Allied armies are advancing on their concentration camp at Buchenwald, Polish prisoners renew their feeble hope for survival and freedom. When a group of prisoners is transferred from Auschwitz, a four-year-old child is smuggled into the camp in a valise. Born at Auschwitz, he is Jewish and will be killed if discovered. A group of prisoners decide to protect the child from the searching Germans, and although the kapos cannot smuggle the boy out of Buchenwald, they manage to hide him--moving from one place to another within the camp as the Nazis comb it. Threats and torture by SS men fail to turn up the boy who becomes a symbol of the struggle between captives and captors.

No Mercy, No Future Die Berührte Helma Sanders-Brahms 1981 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 50min | Director Helma Sanders-Brahms | 1981 | Germany | German with English subtitles
No Mercy, No Future DVD coverVeronika Christoph, the troubled daughter of uncaring bourgeois parents, has been institutionalized due to her schizophrenia. Without proper psychiatric treatment for her unearthly visions, she prowls the streets along the Berlin Wall at night in search of God, yet settles for the company of strange, exiled men. Doctors say that Veronika, a woman in her 20s, is schizophrenic. She is compliant, which makes her an easy target for men. She's religious, believing she is God's favorite child; she searches for Jesus. She has sent a letter to a filmmaker suggesting her life as the subject for a movie. We see her raped than take up with a series of men she believes are Jesus, each willing or insistent on sex. A young man with his own crisis of faith invites her to join a cult. We see her involuntarily committed to an asylum from time to time where medication and constraints await. Her wealthy parents are helpless. Will a medical professional ever talk to her? If one did, would it help?
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Oma & Bella   Alexa Karolinski 2012 Germany German English, German subtitles PAL 1h 16min | Director Alexa Karolinski | 2012 | Germany | German with German, English subtitles
Oma & Bella DVD coverOma and Bella is an intimate glimpse into the life of two dynamic elderly Jewish women in Berlin. The film follows them as make elaborate dishes recalled from their childhoods, before the Holocaust. Through the cooking of the sumptuous meals, they retain a part of their past past while remaining very much engaged in the present.
Otomo   Frieder Schlaich 1999 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 25min | Director Frieder Schlaich | 1999 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Otomo DVD coverThe true story of Otomo, a black man seeking work and asylum in the German city of Stuttgart. However, all he finds is racism, police trouble and his final destiny. On Aug. 9, 1989, as a black man was stopped on a bridge in Stuttgart for questioning, he knifed two officers to death and wounded three others before being shot dead himself. This man's name was Frederic Otomo. At about 6:15 that morning, he had been confronted on a subway train by a ticket inspector, who told him he had to get off at the next stop. The inspector got aggressive with Otomo, who head-butted him and fled from the train, setting up the manhunt that ended on the bridge. Those facts are known. What happened between the two incidents is unknown, and inspires this film by Frieder Schlaich, who tries to imagine what went through Otomo's mind between the two confrontations. Along the way, Schlaich portrays a society in which some are racists who act cruelly toward the black man, and others, even strangers, go out of their way to help him.
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Pina   Wim Wenders 2011 Germany German, English, Russian… English subtitles NTSC 103min | Director Wim Wenders, | 2011 | Germany | German, English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Slovene
Pina DVD coverThe boundless imagination and physical marvels of the work of the German modern-dance pioneer Pina Bausch leap off the screen in this exuberant tribute by Wim Wenders. A long-planned film collaboration between the director and the choreographer was in preproduction when Bausch died in 2009. Two years later, Wenders decided to go ahead with the project, reconceiving it as an homage to his late friend. The result, shot in stunning 3D, is a remarkable visual experience and a vivid representation of Bausch’s art, enacted by a group of staggeringly talented dancers from her company, the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. Pina is an adventurous work of cinema that highlights the bold legacy of one of the world’s true creative visionaries. DIRECTOR-APPROVED SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES • High-definition digital master, approved by director Wim Wenders, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack presented on the two-disc Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D special edition • Audio commentary featuring Wenders • The Making of “Pina” • Deleted scenes, with commentary by Wenders • Behind-the-scenes footage • Interview with Wenders • Trailer • PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by novelist and essayist Siri Hustvedt; reprinted pieces by Wenders and Pina Bausch; a guide to the dances featured in the film; and portraits of the dancers C
Pommerland Pomerania Volker Koepp 2010 Germany Polish German and English subtitles PAL 1h 29min | Director Volker Koepp | 2005 | Germany | Polish with English and German subtitles
Pommerland DVD coverIn his documentary film, Volker Koepp portrays the picturesque Polish region of Pomerania. But although the region appears to be idyllic, its inhabitants are struggling with big problems. The villages and cities of Pomerania that traditionally live from agriculture are hit by unemployment rates of up to 75% after the meltdown of the state farms. While most of the young people leave the region, some of them take their chances and start fresh – for instance, a young couple that tries to rebuild an agricultural farm with the help of EU funding. Furthermore, older inhabitants, including a spry 90-year old retiree from the Uckermark region who grew up in Pomerania, tell stories about the region′s eventful past.
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das Rad Rocks Chris Stenner 2001 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 8min | Directors Chris Stenner, Arvid Uibel | 2001 | Germany | German with English subtitles

DVD Cover of Das Rad / RocksApparently, rocks are having conversations all around us, but they talk very, very slowly...

“Das Rad is, at times, quite funny (Hew, the larger of the two rocks, spends several millenia dealing with an algae "rash"), but the most impressive thing about this 9-minute short (aside form the animation, which is phenomenal) is the way it handles the passage of time. A moment to Hew and Kew equates to dozens, if not hundreds, of years in the earth's evolutionary process. Things move so quickly, in fact, that the progress they witness is often a blur. Conversely, on two separate occasions, we spend time with human characters, first a primitive caveman, then a merchant who, while traveling on a dirt path that runs alongside the rocks, breaks one of the wooden wheels on his cart. After changing it, he tosses the damaged wheel aside, leading to what I consider to be the film's most interesting scene (after finding the broken wheel, Kew realizes man has mastered transportation, but before he can turn and show the evidence to Hew, so much time passes that the wheel turns to dust in his hands).”

This film is included on the volume German Shorts, with Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider), and Spielzeugland (Toyland)

Roadmap to Apartheid   Ana Nogueira 2012 USA English   NTSC 95 min | Directors Ana Nogueira, Eron Davidson | 2012 | USA | narr. Alice Walker
Roadmap to Apartheid DVD coverIn this award-winning documentary, the first time directors take a detailed looks at the apartheid analogy commonly used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ana Nogueira is a white South African and Eron Davidson a Jewish Israeli. Drawing on their first-hand knowledge of the issues, the producers take a close look at the apartheid comparison often used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their film breaks down the rhetorical analogy into a fact-based comparison, noting where the analogy is useful and appropriate, and where it is not. There are many lessons to draw from the South African experience relevant to conflicts all over the world. This film is as much a historical document of the rise and fall of apartheid, as it is a film about why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today, and why an increasing number of people around the world agree with them.
Romeos   Sabine Bernardi 2011 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 34min | Director Sabine Bernardi | 2011 | Germany | German with English subtitles

Romeos DVD coverA drama centered on the relationship between a two young men, as one of them navigates the difficulties of life as a transgender man.

On the DVD with Die Welle (below)

Rosa Luxemburg   Margarethe von Trotta 1986 Germany German, Polish, French English subtitles NTSC 2h 2min | Director Margarethe von Trotta | 1986 | Germany | German, Polish, French with English subtitles
Rosa Luxemburg DVD coverPolish socialist and Marxist Rosa Luxemburg dreams about revolution during the era of German Wilhelminism. While Luxemburg campaigns relentlessly for her beliefs, getting repeatedly imprisoned in Germany as well as in Poland, she spars with lovers and comrades until Luxemburg is assassinated by Freikorps for her leadership in the Spartacist uprising after World War I in 1919. Rosa Luxemburg (German: Rosa Luxemburg) is a 1986 West German drama film directed by Margarethe von Trotta. The film received the 1986 German Film Award for Best Feature Film (Bester Spielfilm), and Barbara Sukowa won the Cannes Film Festival's Best Actress Award and the German Film Award for Best Actress for her performance as Rosa Luxemburg.
Run, Lola, Run Lola rennt Tom Tykwer 1999 Germany German English, French subtitles NTSC 1h 20min | Director Tom Tykwer | 1999 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Run, Lola, Run DVD coverA breathtaking race against the clock, Run Lola Run straps Tykwers' playfully hip sensibilities to a fun-filled mix of romance, thrills, and action as his tireless heroine pounds the pavement and racks her brain to save her lover from danger. Manni and Lola are twenty-something Berliners, way past cool and desperately in love. When Manni, a local criminal's errand boy, loses twenty thousand Marks, he has twenty minutes to find the money or face retaliation. Not the brightest bulb, Manni turns to the quick-witted, resourceful Lola to devise a plan to save his hide. And so she does, and off she sprints, running for Manni's life, for her love, and to find money somewhere, somehow. Dangling three "what if" variations on Lola's mission to save her mate, Run Lola Run propels us toward each outcome with a delicious peppering of surprises, quirks, and twists. A sure-fire hit with audiences, Run Lola Run brings to the screen two actors of immeasurable charisma: Franka Potente as the heroic, flame-haired Lola, and Moritz Bleibtreu as her doltish but devoted lover. Scoring his delirious staccato mix of animation, still photographs, and live action to a pounding techno beat, Tykwer reveals himself a virtuoso of the medium and, at the same time, a passionate believer in destiny and the transcendent power of love.
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Schwarzfahrer Black Rider Pepe Danquart 1994 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 12min | Director, Writer Pepe Danquart | 1994 | Germany | German with English subtitles

DVD cover of Schwarzfahrer / Black Rider“Pepe Danquart's Oscar-winning "Schwarzfahrer" is a look not only at racism, but at its subtlety. The old woman who rants against immigrants is odious enough, but more important is that no one challenges her. To be certain, her rant sounds like what we still hear from these losers, or from politicians looking to score votes. I immediately saw a link between the old woman's "blacks carry AIDS" and Donald Trump's "Mexicans bring drugs".

It would be easy to say that due to Germany's history, it has no choice but to make movies like this. In reality this should apply to every country. Racism exists everywhere. And as Billy Bragg said, racism must always get challenged. After all, no one is born racist.” lee_eisenberg15 March 2017 (IMdb)

This film is included on the volume German Shorts, with das Rad (Rocks), and Spielzeugland (Toyland)

Schattenland: Reise nach Masuren Shadowland: Travel to Masuria Volker Koepp 2010 Germany German, Russian, Polish English subtitles PAL 1h 28min | Director Volker Koepp | 2006 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Schattenland: Reise nach Masuren DVD coverWith "Schattenland" Volker Koepp and his long-time cameraman Thomas Plenert take us on a trip to the north-east of Poland to Masuria - probably the best known landscape of former East Prussia. Encounters with people who appear to be stranded away from the tourist areas of Masuria: farmers who use the short summers in the supposed idyll to wring grain from the barren soil. Ukrainians who were forcibly relocated after the Second World War and who moved to their old homeland after Poland's accession to the EU. And fishermen who also fish for some of the proverbial 3000 lakes in winter. To this day, Masuria has remained sparsely populated and, despite tourism, is one of the poorest areas in Europe, with the border regions to Kaliningrad in northern East Prussia particularly affected. And the traces of history are still visible today: the Thirty Years' War, plague, famines, Tartar incursions, Napoleonic wars and Russian occupations. Battlefields of both world wars of the 20th century. In 1945, southern East Prussia came to Poland. And again and again disagreement about languages ??and nationalities: "Where the culture ends, Masuria begins to live." A journey through Masuria - border landscape in the shadow of history ..
Sommer vorm Balkon Summer in Berlin Andreas Dresen 2005 Germany German English, Spanish, French subtitles PAL 1h 47min | Director Andreas Dresen | 2006 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Sommer vorm Balkon DVD coverA tragicomic movie which focuses on two women and their daily struggle for survival during a summer in Berlin. Katrin, a jobless single mom, and Nike, a nurse, live in the same house and are best friends. Although always dating the wrong men and still pursuing for happiness, they don't lose their humor and spend many nights together on Nike's balcony, drinking and chatting. However, Nike gets to know the trucker Ronald one day...
Soul Kitchen   Fatih Akin 2009 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 99 min | Director Fatih Akin | 2009 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Soul Kitchen DVD cover2009 German comedy film directed by Fatih Ak?n, with a screenplay by Ak?n and Adam Bousdoukos. Bousdoukos based the story on his own experiences as the owner of a Greek tavern named "Taverna", where Ak?n was a regular customer. Ak?n filmed the movie entirely in the Hamburg area. The film had its world premiere on 10 September 2009 at the 66th Venice Film Festival. The movie received general release in Germany on 25 December 2009. Ak?n dedicated the film to his brother Cem, who appears in the film as Milli. The film also carries a tribute in the end credits to Monica Bleibtreu (mother of Moritz Bleibtreu), whose appearance as Nadine's grandmother in this film was her next-to-last cinema credit.
Spielzeugland Toyland J.A. Freydank 2008 German German English subtitles NTSC 14min | Director Jochen Alexander Freydank | 2008 | German | German with English subtitles

DVD cover of Spielzeugland / Toyland"Toyland" is a film that works so brilliantly that it managed to be powerful, thought-provoking and even gut-wrenching than most Hollywood films that are 8 to 10 times longer. With sparse dialogue, director Jochen Alexander Freydank keeps us hooked throughout this superb short film.

Set during the Holocaust, a German woman frantically searches for her son, who might have decided to accompany his Jewish neighbors to a Nazi concentration camp because the Jewish family's young son and her son are best friends. The film is elegantly shot and wonderfully acted. There is more poignancy and true emotion in this film than I have seen in most Hollywood films in recent times. Director Freydank moves his story along, with us always wondering not only what comes next but how this is going to end. And then comes the denouement: A truly remarkable twist that says much about the human spirit. It is a moment that will break your heart while simultaneously make you smile. anhedonia16 February 2009 (IMdb)

This film is included on the volume German Shorts, with Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider), and das Rad (Rocks)

Spur der Steine Trace of the Rocks Frank Beyer 1966 USA German English subtitles PAL 139min | Director Frank Beyer | 1966 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Spur der Steine DVD coverA 1966 film produced by DEFA-Spielfilm, Künstlerische Arbeitsgruppe (KAG) "Heinrich Greif". The director was Frank Beyer, who also wrote the screenplay with Karl Georg Egel. It is based on the novel by Erik Neutsch. The film was premiered at the 8th East German Workers' Party in Potsdam, followed by three days in some cinemas, before being dropped out of "anti-socialist tendencies". It was not until October 1989 that the film could be performed again in the GDR, a little later at the Berlinale 1990 in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Zimmermann and Brigadeleiter (foreman) Hannes Balla is working on the GDR large-scale construction site in Schkona. Balla and his people do not keep much of the bureaucratic rules of the planning industry, but still count among the most productive workbrigades on the construction. In case of emergency, they also provide the missing material with force. Nevertheless, their methods are initially tolerated by the construction management because of their work. When one day the idealist SED party secretary Werner Horrath took his job at the construction site, he initially undermined his authority, but he succeeded in winning Balla, who he admired as a first-rate worker, for his idea of ??higher productivity for the working conditions to improve. The two men soon combine a mixture of mutual respect, but also a certain rivalry for the love of the engineer Kati Klee, who has also come back to the large construction site. Both men fall in love with Kati, but Horrath succeeds in winning Katis Herz. He begins a secret love affair because he is already married, does not want to endanger his party costs and can not separate himself from his family. Later Kati gets pregnant. But she does not reveal the name of her father out of partial loyalty and thus protects Horrath, who, in turn, alienates himself more and more from Kati and falls into a crisis in which he must decide between fulfillment and his love for Kati. Only when Kati finally wants to get rid of him does he publicly acknowledge her and lose all the party costs. His wife passes the divorce, so Horrath has to work as a worker in Hannes Ballas Brigade. Balla is ultimately the person who defends him at a party closing procedure. Zone 0 (PAL/NTSC)
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Tempelhof ist Geschichte     2008 Germany German English subtitles NTSC A collection of news stories from 2008 • In-Line Skating, Berlin 2008 • Nachricht: Tempelhof ist Geschichte • Bericht: Tempelhof - Geschichte und Zukunft

Photo of the Tempelhof, BerlinIn-Line Skating, Berlin 2008

Tempelhof - Geschichte und Zukunft

Toxi   Robert Stemmle 1952 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 85min | Director Robert Stemmle | 1952 | Germany | German with English subtitles

Toxi DVD coverToxi is a 1952 West German drama film directed by Robert A. Stemmle and starring Elfie Fiegert, Paul Bildt and Johanna Hofer. The film's release came as the first wave of children born to black Allied servicemen and white German mothers entered school. It was shot at the Wandsbek Studios in Hamburg. Elfie Fiegert was selected to play Toxi after a mass audition held in Munich. Publicity for the film emphasized the similarities between her own story and that of Toxi. The film was the eighth most popular release at the West German box office in 1952. The name Toxi became widely used as shorthand in the German media when referring to Afro-Germans and their social circumstances.

The melodrama, film begins with a young Afro-German girl being left at the doorsteps of the Rose family—white middle-class Germans—assembled for a birthday party. Initially, most family members treat the young girl with relatively welcome arms as they believe she is only giving a performance as a birthday surprise from an aunt. The family later discovers a suitcase that was left on the doorsteps and realize that the young girl, Toxi, has in fact been abandoned. Once the family learns that Toxi has been abandoned there is a shift in feelings regarding their acceptance of her; the possibility of the girl spending more time at the home than was expected forces members of the family to confront their racism. One character in particular, Uncle Theodor—the Roses' eldest daughter's husband—is very unsettled by the idea of having Toxi stay in his white household: he does not want Toxi to interact with his two daughters who are about the same age as Toxi. Unlike the other children featured in the film, Toxi acts very differently. She is always on her best behavior as her manners and maturity level are well beyond her age. Due to Toxi's mature behavior and her inherent goodness Uncle Theodor eventually realizes that he has made a mistake with his discrimination towards her. By the end of the film, the entire family has approved of Toxi. However, Toxi does not stay with the family, as her father—a former American soldier—shows up at their house to find Toxi and take her back to the States with him.

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Uckermark: Leben auf dem Lande Uckermark: Life in the Countryside Volker Koepp 2010 Germany German English subtitles PAL 1h 45min | Director Volker Koepp | 2002 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Uckermark: Leben auf dem Lande DVD coverVolker Koepp nimmt uns mit in die Uckermark, jenen so dünn besiedelten Landstrich nördlich von Berlin. Wie auf einer Bühne versammelt der Film eine Schar von Übriggebliebenen und Heimkehrern der Nachwendezeit. Landarbeiter, Bauern und zurückgekehrter Adel, ihre Erzählungen und Lebensgeschichten. Bisweilen skurril und tragikomisch, manchmal melancholisch und von trotzigem Idealismus. Nach seinem ersten Film über das Leben auf dem brandenburgischen Land („Uckermark“, 2003) hat der Filmregisseur Volker Koepp ein zweites Mal die Uckermark portraitiert: „Landstück“ handelt vom Leben der Menschen in der dünnbesiedelten Gegend Uckermark und deren Entwicklung seit der deutschen Wiedervereinigung. Naturschutzgebiete sind entstanden und bäuerliche Familienbetriebe haben sich auf ökologischen Anbau umgestellt. Doch die globale Gier nach Land hat auch den Norden Brandenburgs erreicht, ortsfremde Großinvestoren haben große Flächen erworben. Monokulturen, Windräder, Tiermastbetriebe und Biogasanlagen verändern das Landschaftsbild.
Under the Pavement Lies the Strand Unter dem Pflaster ist der Strand Helma Sanders-Brahms 1975 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 48min | Drama | 1975 | West Germany | German with English subtitles
Under the Pavement Lies the Strand DVD coverBerlin, 1974. Grischa and Heinrich are actors, accidentally locked in the rehearsal hall one night. He tries to seduce her; she's puts him off. Later she dumps her husband and sleeps with Heinrich, who ups the ante by suggesting they have a child. She takes him seriously by initiating a journalistic project interviewing working mothers, asking how they balance work and family, delving into their sexual histories. Heinrich sulks when she spends evenings on the project, he's childish. Should she leave him? The story plays out against the backdrop of left-wing political agitation. Stars: Grischa Huber, Heinrich Giskes, Ursula von Berg
Unveiled Fremde Haut Angelina Maccarone 2005 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 37min | Director Angelina Maccarone | Writers: Angelina Maccarone, Judith Kaufmann | 2005 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Unveiled DVD coverFariba, prosecuted in Iran because of her love for a women, flees to Germany. But, her application for asylum is turned down. Her desperate prospects are improved by the suicide of her fellow-inmate Siamak: she assumes his identity and using his temporary permit of sojourn, is send to a province village. At first glance her survival seems to be assured, but in the refugee home she is obliged to uphold her male disguise in cramped quarters and a single mistake could blow up her cover. In order to pay for forged documents, she takes an illegal job in a sauerkraut factory, where she meets Anne, who is very solicitous about Siamak's well-being and derives some kind of pleasure from the strange foreigner. While spending more and more time together, they become dangerously close and Anne begins to suspect Fariba's true identity.
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Die Welle The Wave Dennis Gansel 2008 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 47min | Director Dennis Gansel | 2011 | Germany | German with English subtitles

Die Welle DVD coverA high school teacher's experiment to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship spins horribly out of control when he forms a social unit with a life of its own.

Includes second film: Romeos: 1h 34min | Director Sabine Bernardi | 2011 | Germany | German with English subtitles A drama centered on the relationship between a two young men, as one of them navigates the difficulties of life as a transgender man.

What to Do in Case of Fire? Was tun, wenn's brennt? Gregor Schnitzler 2001 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 41min | Director Gregor Schnitzler | 2002 | Germany | German with English subtitles
What to Do in Case of Fire? DVD coverThe humorous and touching story of six former creative anarchists who lived as house squatters in Berlin during its heyday in the 80s when Berlin was still an island in the middle of the former eastern Germany. At the end of the 80s they went their separate ways with the exception of Tim and Hotte, who have remained true to their ideals and continue to fight the issues they did as a group. In 2000, with Berlin as Germany's new capital, an event happens forcing the group out of existential reason to reunite and, ultimately, come to grips with the reason they separated 12 years ago.
Whores’ Glory Michael Glawogger 2012 Germany Bengali, Spanish, Thai, German: English subtitles NTSC 1h 50min | Director Michael Glawogger | 2012 | USA | Bengali, Spanish, Thai, German, French, Japanese with English subtitles
Whores’ Glory DVD coverAn examination of the lives, needs, troubles and hopes of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. The film is interesting and powerful, albeit depressing. No idea how the director got access to give us such a candid look, but this is a dark side of the world you won't see anywhere else. The subject is self explanatory, if you're at all interested about the lives of these women in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico then you should experience this. My one critique is thematically, the movie is about prostitution in abject poverty, not prostitution as a "job," but does not make any distinction. The prostitutes in Bangladesh and Mexico he shows were in absolutely horrifying conditions - they were forced into it, threatened if they tried to leave, and barely paying for food. Whereas in Amsterdam, Germany, and even many in Bangkok treat it as an occupational choice. They can get other jobs, but choose to do this. Those are two VERY different circumstances that can have very different effects on people physically and emotionally. That would be my critique to keep in mind while watching. The movie is not so much a commentary on the evils of prostitution or even the lives of prostitutes, as it is delving into the darkest depth of what desperate conditions can bring.
Wolke 9 Cloud 9 Andreas Dresen 2008 Germany German English subtitles NTSC 1h 38min | Director Andreas Dresen | 2008 | Germany | German with English subtitles
Wolke 9 DVD coverA romantic drama about a woman who enters into an affair after 30 years of marriage. Stars: Ursula Werner, Horst Rehberg, Horst Westphal