We envision the study of German as a fast, enjoyable, and meaningful experience. We open doors and windows to wonderful worlds through reflection of our differences and cross-cultural connections. We get to know one another through learning, acknowledging growth and transformation. Our vision is not only to educate but to build a diverse community interested in German Cultural Studies.

German class. Four people looking at camera. Left to right: Jamye, a Black man, Camalo, a Black woman, Jenny, a white woman, Jack, a white man.
Jamye, Camalo, Jenny, and Jack. (Photo by Marion Gerlind)

The Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies

  • distinguishes itself through innovative approaches to the study of German with an emphasis on culture and history

  • makes classes and events accessible to students and participants from various socioeconomic backgrounds

  • offers a one-of-kind Oral History Series

  • takes an active gender-inclusive, nonracist, and lesbian-, gay-, bisexual- and transgender-inclusive approach to teaching

  • emphasizes dialogical and trust-building relationships in the learning process

  • is dedicated to helping students reach their goals and supports their unique path of life-long learning

  • appreciates students’ and participants' suggestions, life-experiences, and wisdom

  • uses and develops multimedia classrooms

  • connects academia and community

  • contributes to a multilingual, multinational community in the San Francisco Bay Area

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