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Group of people sitting around a table in a cafe. Four women and two men in the foreground. Another table in the background withthree women and one man. Dr. Franz Wassermann, an older, bald white man in an orange shirt covered by a beige puffy vest. He is wearing glasses and there is a green background of plants.
Klönschnack (German Conversation Group)
Mündliche Geschichtsreihe (Oral History Series)
Dr. Franz Wassermann –
My First 25 Years: A Series of Contrasts
Filmnacht (Movie Night)
Das Weiterleben der Ruth Klüger:
Landscapes of Memory: The Life of Ruth Klüger
November 20, 2021 •  15.30 PDT via Zoom November 13, 2021 • 11 a.m. -1:00 p.m. PDT via Zoom Oktober 23, 2021 •  19.00 PDT via Zoom

Chart showing the breakdown of the 2021 election results

Ergebnisse aller Wahlkreise, mögliche Koalitionen: So hat Deutschland gewählt
Das sind die wichtigsten Zahlen zur Bundestagswahl: Ergebnisse auf einer Wahlkarte, Wahlbeteiligung, Hochburgen, mögliche Koalitionen, Gewählte - und Auswertungen in interaktiven Grafiken.

Interactive charts and maps showing the results of all constituencies and possible coalitions: this is how Germany voted.
DW Live analysis of the 2021 ElectionThese are the most important figures for the federal election: results on a voting card, voter turnout, strongholds, possible coalitions, elected - and evaluations in interactive graphics.