Gerlind Institute (GICS) Membership

Annual Membership Fees (per calendar year)

    Benefits of GICS membership

    • Suggested donation for Klönschnack participation (12 months a year) is $5 (regularly $10-20)
    • You receive a 10% discount on a Schnupperklasse (for yourself or someone you recommend)
    • You receive a 10% reduced tuition for all seminars and workshops
    • You receive a 50% discount on admission to our Filmnacht (Film night) & Oral History Series
    • You can borrow books and films from the GICS library without cost (click here for more information)
    • You have the pride of supporting community programming and ensuring the strength and vitality of the Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies’ vision

    Linde (Linden): Sustaining members make monthly donations from $15-30 each month. Make your donation for yourself, or in memory of a loved one.

    Pay with PayPal
    If you don‘t have a PayPal account you can also pay by credit, or debit card.

    Linde: Spender_in
    In memory of:

    Eiche (Oak): $120.00 per calendar year

    Eiche: $120 pa

    Fichte (Spruce): $60.00 per calendar year

    Students, un(der)employed, and elders (over 65):

    Fichte: $60.00 pa

    Nussbaum (Nut tree): $40.00 per calendar year

    Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies language students

    Nussbaum: $40 pa

    Or send a personal check to:
    Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies
    2128 108th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603 • Specify Membership and Member Type in the memo line


Scholarships & Wish List

Our Gerlind Institute Scholarship program offers free tuition for outstanding students on a limited budget. Applicants must be current students.

There are so many ways to get involved—please join us!

Donate your time and skills! If you have expertise in any areas that can be useful to GICS, such as administration, photography, fundraising, marketing, or communications, we would love to work with you!

Work Study
Our services include a tuition policy that makes classes accessible to students of a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. If you are interested in studying German but don’t have a budget to do so, there may be possibilities to exchange work for classes. Please e-mail, or call (510) 430-2673 for more information.
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