Research & Teaching / Forschung & Lehre

Aktiv gegen Diskriminierung “Welche Möglichkeiten bietet das Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (AGG) Verbänden, um Einzelne dabei zu unterstützen, vor Gericht gegen Diskriminierung vorzugehen? Wann kann Verbandsklage nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz oder im Verbraucherschutz erhoben werden? Unter welchen Voraussetzungen ist die Einreichung einer Menschenrechtsbeschwerde auf internationaler Ebene sinnvoll? Und wie sehen der Gerichtsaufbau in Deutschland und das Beschwerdesystem auf internationaler Ebene überhaupt aus? Antworten auf diese und weitere Fragen bietet das Online-Handbuch "Aktiv gegen Diskriminierung.”

Learning Ally Audiobooks: College course audiobooks for students and adults.“ We provide a growing library of accessible downloadable audiobooks and educational content for people of all ages and education levels including: People with learning disabilities; Visually impaired individuals; Individuals with physical disabilities.”

Chronicle of the Wall developed in collaboration of the Federal Centre for Political Education, Deutschlandradio and the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam

Das Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach (DLA) ist eine der bedeutendsten Literaturinstitutionen weltweit. In seinen Sammlungen vereinigt und bewahrt es eine Fülle kostbarster Quellen der Literatur- und Geistesgeschichte. Es dient der Literatur, der Bildung und der Forschung ( The German Literature Archive in Marbach is one of the most important literary institutions worldwide. In its collections and keeps it united a wealth more precious sources of literature and intellectual history).

Facing History and Ourselves


Christa Wolf
Christa Wolf
Hannah Arendt “Zur Person” Full Interview. In German with English subtitles, cigarettes and all.

Christa Wolf-Gesellschaft “Ende des Jahres 2013 haben Freundinnen und Freunde der Autorin und des Werkes von Christa Wolf sich in Berlin zusammengefunden, um eine internationale Christa Wolf Gesellschaft aus der Taufe zu heben.”

German School System VON HELMUT FEND (2008): Schwerer Weg nach oben: Das Elternhaus entscheidet über den Bildungserfolg – unabhängig von der Schulform. “Die hier vorgestellte, noch unveröffentlichte Studie zur Wirksamkeit von Gesamtschulen birgt Sprengstoff für die Debatte um das richtige Schulsystem – und die Möglichkeit der Schulen, zur sozialen Gerechtigkeit beizutragen. Der kürzlich emeritierte Pädagogikprofessor Fend, der in Konstanz und Zürich lehrte, hat bereits in den siebziger Jahren in Hessen die größte Studie zur Wirksamkeit dieser Schulform durchgeführt (»Gesamtschule im Vergleich«; Beltz Verlag, Weinheim 1982)”

Jewish Family and Children's ServicesHolocaust Center of Northern California: “The Tauber Holocaust Library and Education Program offers a rich resource for students, scholars, and the general public. This university-level library in San Francisco includes over 12,000 volumes with a special emphasis on the collection of rare, out-of-print Yizkor (memorial) volumes. The collections, gathered from survivors and their families in northern California, include books dealing with every aspect of the Holocaust, an archive of 2,000 recorded oral histories, and photographs, documents, and artifacts from the period. The library's educational programs make Holocaust history come alive and assist educators in transforming their classrooms into places where students are challenged and encouraged to be active learners.”

Christine Schoefer, P.h.D
HOLOCAUST-GEDENKTAG: HeldInnen, von denen keiner sprach. Viele Berliner Juden/Jüdinnen überlebten die Nazi-Zeit. Mutige Deutsche versteckten sie jahrelang vor der Gestapo. Jetzt werden RetterInnen und Verfolgte geehrt.

The Irena Sendler Project. Irena Sendler, an unsung heroine of the Holocaust. A Polish Catholic social worker, she saved about 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. Download a podcast about Irena, Life in a Jar.

Mileva Einstein-Maric, Serbian mathematician and physicist (FemBio): Mileva Einstein-Maric, student at the Zurich Polytechnikum, second woman to finish a full program of study at the Department VI A: Mathematics and Physics. Marries Albert Einstein, gives birth to three of his children, surviving childbed three times, is betrayed by him,  discarded by him, dispatched from Berlin back to Switzerland with the children just before the First World War, divorced, brings up their two sons, cares for the schizophrenic son, dies.

medica mondialeMedica Mondiale unterstützt traumatisierte Frauen und Mädchen in Kriegs- und Krisengebieten

Oral History Association. The Oral History Association offers a rich and growing variety of resources for those interested in every facet of doing, promoting, researching, collecting, and preserving oral history.

Knowing Germany a blog by Christine Schoefer, P.h.D. Christine Schoefer is a Berlin-born German American writer who likes to think about everyday life in the larger context of politics and culture.

Nuujiyan Frauenzentrum, Rat der Kurdinnen in Hamburg
Nuujiyan Frauenzentrum, Rat der Kurdinnen in Hamburg
Sonoma Women's History has a great online listening station

Step Into German from the Goethe-Institute. Contests, clips, podcasts, music videos, film, Germany "city" tours. A wealth of information!

Stolperstein Projekt Der Künstler Gunter Demnig erinnert an die Opfer der NS-Zeit, indem er vor ihrem letzten selbstgewählten Wohnort Gedenktafeln aus Messing ins Trottoir einlässt. Inzwischen liegen STOLPERSTEINE in über 500 Orten Deutschlands und in mehreren Ländern Europas. "Ein Mensch ist erst vergessen, wenn sein Name vergessen ist", sagt Gunter Demnig. Mit den Steinen vor den Häusern wird die Erinnerung an die Menschen lebendig, die einst hier wohnten. Auf den Steinen steht geschrieben: HIER WOHNTE... Ein Stein. Ein Name. Ein Mensch.

Suppressed Histories Archive: “…uncovers the realities of women's lives, internationally and across time, asking questions about patriarchy and slavery, conquest and aboriginality. About mother-right, female spheres of power, indigenous philosophies of spirit-- and the historical chemistry of their repression. Even more important, their role in resisting oppression.”

Tauber Holocaust Library and Education Program

University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

USC Shoah Foundation Institute The Institute's website now features a growing number of educational resources in several languages. Unique classroom resources and lessons are available

Zinn Education Project: The Zinn Education Project promotes and supports the use of Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States and other materials for teaching a people’s history in middle and high school classrooms across the country.

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ManuEla Ritz, Autorin des Buches Die Farbe meiner Haut
ManuEla Ritz, Autorin des Buches Die Farbe meiner Haut
Islam in German
Frauen bei der Arbeit/Women at work
Taos Institute

Amadeu Antonio Foundation: The Amadeu Antonio Foundation encourages local projects and initiatives to strengthen democratic values.

Avaaz: is a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.

Brava! for Women in the Arts! is a professional arts organization committed to producing, presenting and cultivating live art celebrating the intersection of feminism and multiculturalism that ignites social change and empowers community.

Dr. Mohamed Esa's work on cultural diversity

FemBio Frauenbiographieforschung e.V.

Geschlechtergerechte Sprache der Stadt Wien

GLADT ist die einzige unabhängige Organisation türkeistämmiger Lesben, Schwuler, Bi- und Transsexueller und Transgender (LSBTT) außerhalb der Türkei.

Islam in Germany

JCC East Bay Our educational, cultural, social and recreational and fitness programs are designed to reflect the diverse needs of our community. All programs emphasize and celebrate Jewish values and culture, and all are open to the whole community.

Kanak Attak is attributed to the self-chosen cooperation of several people across the borders, quasi with specified in the cradle “identities” of time. Kanak Attak not ask for the passport or the origin, but is opposed to the question of the passport and the origin. Our common position is to attack the Kanakisierung certain groups of people through racist ascriptions, with all its social, legal and political consequences.

MiGAZIN ist ein unabhängiges Online-Magazin mit Themen rund um Integration und Migration in Deutschland. Außerdem ist es ein Online-Portal für alle, die an einer niveauvollen und sachlichen Diskussion und Auseinandersetzung mit der Thematik interessiert sind.

Old School Anti-Ageism Clearing House Old School is a clearinghouse of free and carefully vetted resources to educate people about ageism and help dismantle it. You’ll find blogs, books, articles, videos, speakers, and other tools (workshops, handouts, curricula etc.) that are accessible to the general public. Our goal is to help catalyze a movement to make ageism (discrimination on the basis of age) as unacceptable as any other kind of prejudice. 

Positive Aging NewsletterThe Taos Institute

Schwarze Frauen Community: Self-empowerment von Schwarzen Frauen, Kindern und Jugendlichen

The Taos Institute The Taos Institute's ® mission is to bring together scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value, and their application in relational, collaborative and appreciative practices around the world.

Wry Crips a Berkeley-based disabled women's reader's theater group. It began in the early 1980's, has had several performances over the years, was dormant for several years and got revitalized by one of the original founders, Patty Overland, in early 2011.

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Dictionaries / Lexika

Photo: Bad Oldesloe © 2011 Marion Gerlind
Bad Oldesloe (Photo © 2011 Marion Gerlind)

Duden online Seit über 130 Jahren ist Duden die maßgebliche Instanz für alle Fragen zur deutschen Sprache und Rechtschreibung.

canoonetcanoonet: The canoonet online language services are provided thanks to the LanguageTools of the Canoo Engineering AG. The services are the result of the collaboration of several years between associates of the University of Basel, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the IDSIA Lugano and the Canoo Engineering AG.

duolingo: Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up.

German - English Dictionary (TU Chemnitz): Search through more than three million translations with examples and hints, explanations, synonyms, sayings, aphorisms, and quotations in English and German. Browse lists for special topics. Listen to German and English pronunciations spoken by native speakers

leoGerman - English Dictionary (Leo): Die neue Version 3.1 der LEO-App steht, wie die Vorgängerversionen, kostenlos zur Verfügung. Die Verwendung der App setzt Online-Zugang voraus. Den Hinweis darauf, dass die App einen aktiven Internetzugang benötigt, erhalten Sie auch nochmals beim ersten Start (Abb. 1). Bei allen folgenden Starts der App erhalten Sie direkt die Ansicht in Abb. 2, in der Sie direkt den Suchbegriff eingeben können.

Projekt “Digitales Wörterbuch”: Ein Wortauskunftssystem zur deutschen Sprache in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Hintergrund—über 410.000 lexikografisch geprüfte Einträge aus fünf Wörterbuchquellen: Wörterbücher; 1,8 Milliarden Korpusbelege aus 15 Korpora; statistische Wortprofile und Wortverlaufskurven

Visual Thesaurus: The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. Its innovative display encourages exploration and learning. You'll understand language in a powerful new way.
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News / Nachrichten
Atomkraft? Nein

350.0rg building a global movement to solve the climate crisis (more links under Articles)

Ausgestrahlt “Atomkraft? Nein Danke! Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass der Betrieb vonAtomanlagen ein schwerwiegendes Unrecht ist, weil er Mensch und Umwelt schädigt. Wir streiten für eine Energiewende – für eine nachhaltige, zukunftsfähige und umweltschonende Energieversorgung ohne Atomkraft.”

DemocracyNow! A daily TV/radio news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 750 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.

democracy at workDemocracy at Work Ideas, Media & Movement For A Better Economy

Deutsche Welle (Podcasts) • (Slowly-Read News)

Die Nachrichten der ARD

Die Standard


Frankfurter Rundschau

KPFA: Based in Berkeley, the first listener-sponsored radio station in the United States.

MOE-KULTURE.DE: Kulturveranstaltungen aus Mittel- und Ost Europa in Berlin Brandenburg is the first independent and supraregional Theaterfeuilleton on the Internet. It was founded in May 2007 by the theater critics Petra Kohse, Esther Slevogt, Nikolaus Merck and Dirk Pilz and the visual artist Konrad von Homeyer.

Saar Sansaar: Quarterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi


bei Töplitz, nahe Potsdam Photo © 2014 Ingrid Veit

Wagadu, Journal of Transnational Women's and Gender Studies

Richard Wolff Economic Updates

Die Zeit

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  • Von KollegInnen (viele Links besonders für Jugendliche geeignet): Auf der Suche nach Umwelt/Klimawandel-Videos? “I just stumbled across a great video about the effects of an ordinary hamburger on the environment. The video is just under two minutes and has great visuals and clear, straight-forward German. It’s really well-suited for a unit on Umwelt or Klimawandel.” Check it out at the TIVI web site.

  • Page dedicated to Klima und Klimawandel. There’s a nice little worksheet that goes along with this at: ISL Collective

  • Clean Break: Germany's Switch to Renewables: a slideshow from Inside Climate News, which is part of an ebook, Clean Break: The Story of Germany's Energy Transformation and What Americans Can Learn From It that is now available as a Kindle Single on Amazon.

  • U.S. Energy Policy Should Take a Lesson From Germany’s Energiewende: “Energiewende” may not be a household word in the United States today, but U.S. citizens and policymakers are likely to hear more about it. It’s the name of Germany's ambitious energy transformation, which aims to move the country to at least 80 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050. (Bloomberg News)

  • The German Energiewende did not just come about in 2011. It is rooted in the anti-nuclear movement of the 70s and brings together both conservatives and conservationists — from environmentalists to the church. The shock of the oil crisis and the meltdown in Chernobyl lead to the search for alternatives — and the invention of feed-in tariffs.

  • The Price of Green Energy: Is Germany Killing the Environment to Save It? The German government is carrying out a rapid expansion of renewable energies like wind, solar and biogas, yet the process is taking a toll on nature conservation. The issue is causing a rift in the environmental movement, pitting "green energy" supporters against ecologists.

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Books, Film & TV / Bücher, Film und Fernsehen

afrodeutscher Literatur, zum Anfangen...

ARD Mediathek. Audio/video clips and podcast subscriptions from all the ARD affiliates are available on demand from this new comprehensive website.

DEFAAudre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992, produced and directed by veteran activist Dagmar Schultz, focuses on Audre Lorde’s relation to the German Black Diaspora, her literary as well as political influence, and is a unique visual document about the times Lorde spent in Germany. The film is also a valuable historical document of German history for future generations, which tells about the development of an Afro-German movement and the origins of the anti-racist movement before and after the German unification.”

Mädchen in UniformDEFA Film Library “is the only archive and study center outside Europe devoted to the study of a broad spectrum of filmmaking by East German filmmakers or related to East Germany from 1946 to the present.”

The German Graphic Novel

Ingrid Strobl. Autorin / Sachbuch / Roman /  Hörfunk / Fernsehen

Lindenstrasse a popular German soap opera
Tatort: the longest running German police drama (1970 - )

Mädchen in Uniform (Girls in Uniform) is a 1931 German feature-length film based on the play Gestern und heute (Yesterday and Today) by Christa Winsloe and directed by Leontine Sagan with artistic direction from Carl Froelich, who also funded the film. Winsloe also wrote the screenplay and was on the set during filming. It is noted as the first feature film to be produced with an openly pro-lesbian storyline and remains an international cult classic. (Wikipedia)

Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks.

Women Make Movies movies by and about women.

Der Zitronenbaum: Lemon Tree ist ein israelischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahre 2008. Der Film startete am 2. Oktober 2008 in den deutschen Kinos.

Dancing in Jaffa: (Pierre Dulaine. 2013. 90 min documentary, 16 January 2014, Germany) Renowned ball-room dancer Pierre Dulaine takes his program, Dancing Classrooms, back to his city of birth, Jaffa, to teach Jewish and Palestinian Israelis to dance and compete together.

They Were Promised the Sea: (Kathy Wazana. 74 min documentary, 24 March 2013, Canada) [This] is the story of a people whose identity as Arab Jews challenges the very notion of enemy…the film investigates the exodus that virtually emptied Morocco of its Jewish population, many believing they were no longer safe in their Arab homeland.…They Were Promised the Sea is a lyrical meditation on loss and longing, on hope and the possibilities of coexistence.Otto Waalkes

Otto Waalkes is a Frisian comedian and actor. He became famous in the 1970s and 1980s in Germany with his shows, books and movies. His perhaps most famous trademark are the 'Ottifanten' ('Ottiphants'), elephant-like comic characters of his own design. They featured on the cover of his first album release. (Wikipedia)

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Film Rentals / Streaming
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  • Step into German: Goethe-Institut
  • Listen for free. German Music refers to music produced in Germany or in the German language or by German artists.
  • Internet radio featuring many German bands
  • The Comedian Harmonists
  • Deutsche Musik heute: The current German music scene. Just the names of these German groups can teach you a lot of German. Look at this partial list of German groups listed at, all with current albums now or in the last few years: 
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