What does it mean to be a green business?

2019 East Bay Municipal Utility WaterSmart awardeesThe Green Business Program recognizes businesses that:

  • Comply with all environmental regulations.
  • Take steps to conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste.

We start with our work space. We have energy efficient lighting and equipment, low-flush toilets, and energy-efficient windows and doors, and use energy wisely when heating and cooling our space. We use fragrance- and chemically-free cleaners and teaching materials.

You’ll see that we use recycled paper and used textbooks. When using new paper, we use recycled, biodegradable, nontoxic paper, and we support businesses that do the same.

We offer students filtered water and tea without using plastic, or paper cups and bottles.

We participate in a Zero Waste program, where we recycle, reuse and compost our garbage to reduce our waste to almost nothing. When traveling we group trips together, and promote car and ride sharing, and encourage public transportation whenever possible.

These actions are aligned with our mission of being an environmentally conscious business.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.