Filmnacht / Movie Night

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  • Normalerweise jeden vierten Samstag alle zwei Monate, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies, Oakland. Seating limited. Usually, on the fourth Saturday every other month, we're screening a German, or German-related, film. We are showing popular or little-known film gems (usually in German with English subtitles), followed by a moderated discussion.

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September 28, 2019 •  7:30 p.m. • Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies
Filmnacht Donation

Beltracchi in his studioBeltracchi: The Art of Forgery | Beltracchi – Die Kunst der Fälschung
2014 | Director: Arne Birkenstock

Wolfgang Beltracchi (born Wolfgang Fischer in 1951) is a German art forger and artist, who admitted to producing hundreds of fake paintings with M Feider, his mentor and mastermind behind the international art scam netting millions of Euros, sold these as original works by famous artists including Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk, Fernand Léger and Kees van Dongen. In 2011, after a 40-day trial, Beltracchi was sentenced to six years in prison.

Beltracchi was found guilty and charged with forgery and corruption related to 14 works of art that sold for a combined $45m (£28.6m). But Beltracchi has stated to the BBC that he painted ‘about 50’ artists. Demand was so high, he said, that he could have found buyers for up to 2,000 bogus pieces, had he been inclined to paint them. (excerpted from

(98 min. Written and directed by Arne Birkenstock. In German and French with English subtitles.)