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  • Normalerweise jeden vierten Samstag alle zwei Monate, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies, Oakland. Seating limited. Usually, on the fourth Saturday every other month, we're screening a German, or German-related, film. We are showing popular or little-known film gems (usually in German with English subtitles), followed by a moderated discussion.

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November 23, 2019 •  7:30 p.m. • Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies
Filmnacht Donation

The Divine Order | Die Göttliche Ordnung
2018 | Petra Biondina Volpe

Women marching for Women's Rights in the film "Divine Order"

It is perhaps no accident that the heroine of this story of women’s liberation in early 1970’s Switzerland is named Nora. The legendary proto-feminist heroine of Ibsen’s 19th-century drama walked out of her doll’s house about 100 years before the Nora of this movie walks out on her husband, two sons, and borderline abusive father in law. 

The Nora of this film, written and directed by Petra Volpe, doesn’t seem likely to leave forever. Despite the elevation of consciousness that takes place throughout this movie, her bond to her husband Hans and her two kids is strong. The most pleasurable part of watching this Nora’s story is seeing how the males in her life have to make room for her, and do some learning themselves. 

This is a conventional but exceptionally warm crowd-pleaser of a movie, mostly thanks to Leuenberger’s performance.…Her desire to keep her family together persists even in her reasonable demands that she be accommodated as an actual, contributing, equal component of it. She’s definitely a performer to watch. (

(96 min. Written and directed by Petra Biondina Volpe. In German with English subtitles.)