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  • Normalerweise jeden vierten Samstag alle zwei Monate, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies, Oakland. Seating limited. Usually, on the fourth Saturday every other month, we're screening a German, or German-related, film. We are showing popular or little-known film gems (usually in German with English subtitles), followed by a moderated discussion.

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February 27, 2021 •  7:00 p.m. • Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies via ZOOM

Fallen | Falling
2006 | Director: Barbara Albert •  RSVP by February 23

(From left, Ursula Strauss, Birgit Minichmayr, Nina Proll, Gabriela Hegedüs and Kathrin Resetarits in Falling, directed by Barbara Albert.)

The death of a schoolteacher leads to a reunion between a handful of close friends in this drama from writer and director Barbara Albert. Five longtime friends return to the town where they grew up for the first time since they were teenagers in order to pay their respects to a teacher who had a major impact on their lives. However, fate has taken the five women in very different directions since they left school.

It’s a theme as familiar as life. The five women, all perfectly cast and almost perfectly played…have arrived in their 30s mostly as strangers to one another. As the day slips into night, they will revisit the past, take stock of the present and venture cautiously into the future. They will talk and drink, walk through their old school and jump into cars. During one boozy interlude on a dance floor, one of the five…will lose her shirt and almost her bearings, melting into an old friend’s embrace in a gesture as frighteningly desperate as it is touching. [Falling, NYTimes, 2007]

As the women look back at the possibilities of their youth, they must also consider the circumstances which led them where they are today, and the bonds of friendship which still hold them together despite the physical distance between them.

1h 28min | Director & Writer Barbara Albert | 2006 Austria | German with English subtitles

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