Commitment to Teaching and Service

We are committed to providing outstanding quality in teaching through many years of experience as educators, community scholars and activists. We are building confidence in every student's linguistic and cultural competences through a structured learning environment. We are serving every student with empathy, dedication, and enthusiasm.

TiFred and Ding
Thing/Ding and Ti-Fred (Photo by Jenny Hilfer)

The Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies

  • offers language, literary, and cultural studies training

  • provides one-on-one instruction and small classes in German, as well as bilingual (German/English) seminars with a learner-centered approach

  • specializes in training for students, professionals, family members, and travelers interested in knowledge of German-speaking countries

  • teaches speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in German within cross-cultural contexts

  • evaluates students’ differing learning styles and supports students’ strengths

  • uses high-quality text- and workbooks, interactive CD ROMs, audio- and videotapes, on-line resources, and creates innovative teaching materials

  • offers a variety of courses, such as elementary, intermediate and advanced German, seminars in Holocaust history and literature, philosophy, women’s and minority literature, autobiography, and oral history

  • facilitates public readings and discussion groups in the community