Participants’ Comments from the Germany Study Tour to Berlin and Hamburg,
May 1-14, 2016

Participants in the 2016 trip. © Marion Gerlind

Dear Marion, I want to thank you for leading such an informative and interesting trip to Berlin and Hamburg. As you know I went with a specific goal of reconciling my lifelong view of Germany with the contemporary State as it now exists, and in particular with the memories of middle aged Germans. It was enlightening to sit and talk with such a wide variety of people over the two weeks of our visit. My personal goals were met. You arranged a memorable trip and I am very appreciative. Traveling with such a nice group of people while living in comfortable surroundings also helped make it a very enjoyable trip. Best wishes ~ Ron

Marion, This trip exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you for all your hard work! ~ Darlene

Wow, what a great trip! Thanks so much for your care and effort in arranging brilliant speakers and program! Loved it! ~ Elizabeth

Thank you Marion ~ Frances

Wow - so good. ~ Karen

Marion, Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into our wonderful, stimulating tour. ~ Bob

Marion, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful thought provoking tour that you put together, I feel like I learned a tremendous amount in our two weeks together. It was great to get to know you better. ~ Bob

Liebe Marion, Vielen, vielen Dank für unsere Reise! Es war ein sehr schönes und wichtiges Erlebnis für mich. Du bist eine ausgezeichnete Tourleiterin! XO ~ Simone

Dear Marion, What a fascinating journey we had in Berlin and Hamburg. You did an excellent job of organizing and leading it. Thank you for being an important mentor to me—not only as tour leader—but in life. Looking forward to more adventures with you in future! XO ~ Simone

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