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October 28, 2017 • The People vs. Fritz Bauer
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The People vs. Fritz Bauer | Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer
2015 | Lars Kraume

The title character of The People vs. Fritz Bauer was a fascinating man whose career as a prosecutor, trying to expose the crimes of the Nazis, certainly deserves the dramatic treatment director Lars Kraume gives it here. A Jew born in Germany, Fritz Bauer had begun a legal career that was interrupted when he was sent to a concentration camp in the 1930s. After managing to extricate himself, he spent the war years in Denmark and Sweden, then returned to Germany and the law in the late ‘40s.

Bauer reached the peak of his renown in the early ‘60s when he prosecuted commanders of Auschwitz in a public trial. Though it may seem shocking now, relatively little public examination of the Holocaust had occurred in Germany since the end of the war. Many former Nazis occupied high positions in German society and officialdom. Though Bauer was accused of pursuing vengeance as a Jew, he insisted his efforts were motivated not by the past but by the future: he wanted to educate German young people so that the horrors their ancestors committed were never repeated. (from RogerEbert.com)

( 1h 45min. Written by Lars Kraume and Olivier Guez. German with English subtitles.)