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  • Normalerweise jeden vierten Samstag alle zwei Monate, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies, Oakland. Seating limited. Usually, on the fourth Saturday every other month, we're screening a German, or German-related, film. We are showing popular or little-known film gems (usually in German with English subtitles), followed by a moderated discussion.

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April 28, 2018 •  7:30 p.m. - Naked Among Wolves | Nackt unter Wölfen

Nackt unter WölfenNaked Among Wolves | Nackt unter Wölfen
1963 | Frank Beyer

As rumors reach them that the Allied armies are advancing on their concentration camp at Buchenwald, Polish prisoners renew their feeble hope for survival and freedom. When a group of prisoners is transferred from Auschwitz, a child is smuggled into the camp in a valise. Born at Auschwitz, he is Jewish and will be killed if discovered. Prisoners decide to protect the child from the searching Germans, they manage to hide him—moving from one place to another within the camp as the Nazis comb it. Threats and torture by SS men fail to turn up the boy who becomes a symbol of the struggle between captives and captors. (Written by Les Adams, Imdb )

Filmed at the Buchenwald memorial, in Thuringia, Germany, this black and white film conveys of the grimness of the subject.

(124 min. Written by Bruno Apitz (novel and screenplay), Frank Beyer, and Alfred Hirschmeier. In German with English subtitles. )

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